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12 to 25%
of cancer patients
have kidney disease.

Not only renal cell carcinoma,
but all types of tumors.

Overall survival is reduced
in cancer patients with kidney disease.

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C-KIN is the only international multidisciplinary organisation
meant to improve patient care through better knowledge of
Cancer and the Kidney related issues.

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C-KIN Working Groups

Increasing knowledge in cancer and kidney related issues

in order to provide guidance and recommendations to healthcare specialists.

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Breaking news! Discover now the second review article from C-KIN published online in the Clinical Kidney Journal.

Renal effects of BRAF inhibitors: a systematic review by the Cancer and the Kidney International Network (C-KIN)

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Welcome to C-KIN!

C-KIN (Cancer & the Kidney International Network) aims at improving patient care through better knowledge, education and awareness on cancer and the kidney related issues and research.

This ground-breaking network and association is the first truly international platform for oncologists, haematologists, supportive care specialists, nephrologists, hospital pharmacists, general practitioners, and all healthcare professionals working in the field.

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Journal of Onco-Nephrology

One of the main aims of C-KIN is to raise awareness and help develop research on renal issues in cancer patients. C-KIN is proud to announce its support to the creation of the JON, Journal of Onco-Nephrology. Stay tuned! The first issue is planned to be released in 2017. You may start working on your manuscripts, […]
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C-KIN News!

The Thrombosis, Kidney Disease and Cancer (TKC) Working Group will have a poster at ‪#‎ISTH‬ ‪#‎SSC2016‬ in Montpellier, France, on May 25-28.
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