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C-KIN Mission and Objectives

The Cancer & the Kidney International Network (C-KIN) was created in March 2014 to improve patient care through better knowledge and awareness on Cancer and the Kidney related issues.

The Cancer & the Kidney International Network aims at creating an international multidisciplinary forum for sharing knowledge and research with all healthcare professionals interested in cancer and the kidney related issues, with the ultimate goal to improve patient care.
The core objective of C-KIN is to address the increasing issues related to the impact of cancer treatments on the renal function, including cancer treatments for patients with renal failure, improvement of cancer therapies’ renal tolerance, nephro-oncology integrated patient care.

To meet its objectives, C-KIN will engage in the following activities:

  • Promoting basic, clinical, translational, multi-disciplinary and multi-national research concerning cancer and the kidney
  • Fostering, encouraging and facilitating scientific exchange
  • Creating and disseminating knowledge
  • Promoting education of physicians, scientists, pharmacists, other health professionals and the general public on cancer and the kidney related issues
  • Acting as an advisor to international and national health authorities concerning the management of cancer patients with renal failure and cancer therapies renal tolerance
  • Collaborating with other international and national learned societies, governmental organizations, professional associations and other groups, societies, institutions and individuals who contribute to the field
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C-KIN Membership

C-KIN Membership is open to any healthcare professional with interest in cancer and the kidney related issues. The membership of the Association is divided into five (5) categories:

  • Expert Members
  • Associate Members
  • Trainee Members
  • Honorary Members
  • Corporate Members
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For more information regarding the different categories of membership, please visit the membership page

C-KIN Leadership

The functional bodies of the Association are:

  • General Assembly,
  • Governing Board, consisting of the Executive Committee and the Council
  • Working Groups
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The Association shall hold international scientific meetings every year and will also sponsor or organize other international or regional meetings, workshops and symposia. More information will be available soon.

Keep in touch with C-KIN!

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