Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors and the Kidney

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Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors and the Kidney

Immune checkpoint inhibitors are recognized as the most recent innovations in cancer treatment. The data in metastatic melanoma and lung cancer were positive, and lead to their development in a number of different other tumors, with numerous clinical trials being conducted. However, some recent data showed that renal toxicity, through an immunologic mechanism most probably, can be an issue in the routine care of these patients.

This C-KIN Working Group aims at providing physicians and pharmaceutical firms, with recommendations on how to screen for renal toxicity, treat it, and prevent it.

Members of the Working Group

  • Vincent Launay-Vacher – France – Clinical Pharmacology
  • Kenar D. Jhaveri – USA – Nephrology
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Click here to read the review article by C-KIN published in the American Journal of Nephrology (AJN) Adverse Renal Effects of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors: A Narrative Review