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Journal of Onco-Nephrology (JON)


C-KIN is proud to announce its support to the creation of the JON, Journal of Onco-Nephrology. Stay tuned! The first issue is planned to be released in 2017.

Aims and Scope

The Journal of Onco-Nephrology (JON), is an international, multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed publication targeted to clinicians from different specialties interested in Onco-Nephrology, a novel, fastly growing subspecialty dealing with the complex interrelationships existing between kidney and cancer.

European Medical Journal (EMJ)

EMJ (Red  Grey)

The European Medical Journal is an independent company that annually produces a collection of open-access medical eJournals covering therapeutic areas such as Nephrology, Respiratory, Gastroenterology, and Oncology. The production of their high-quality, peer-reviewed eJournals, and their collaborations with independent clinical bodies result in a dynamic and contemporary tool with which to assist industry professionals across Europe in progressively developing their performance and efficacy.

Partner Organisations

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European Renal Association - European Dialysis and Transplant Association (ERA-EDTA)

This is an association of physicians with over 7000 members. It is registered in England and Wales, but its area of activity mainly covers Europe and the Mediterranean area. Its objective is the advancement of medical science and of clinical work in nephrology, dialysis, renal transplantation, hypertension and related subjects. They aim at providing up-to-date knowledge, exclusively based on scientific data, independent from governments’ policies and from any influence of the industry.

Consult ERA-EDTA Journals:

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