BRAF Inhibitors’ Renal Safety

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BRAF Inhibitors’ Renal Safety

BRAF inhibitors have provided a significant improvement in the care of patients with metastatic melanoma. Although randomized clinical trials did not report renal safety as a particular issue, soon after the release of these drugs, renal toxic effects, sometimes severe, and potentially impacting patients’ outcomes have been reported in the literature.

The aim of this C-KIN Working Group is to follow-up on the literature, analyze it, and provide physicians with clinical practice advices on how to follow up patients, prevent renal toxicity if possible, and treat it.

Read the Article: Renal effects of BRAF inhibitors: a systematic review by the Cancer and the Kidney International Network, by Rimda Wanchoo, Kenar D. Jhaveri, Gilbert Deray, and Vincent Launay-Vacher

Members of the BRAF Inhibitors’ Renal Safety group

  • Vincent Launay-Vacher – France – Clinical Pharmacology
  • Rimda Wanchoo – USA – Nephrology
  • Kenar D. Jhaveri – USA – Nephrology
  • Gilbert Deray – France – Nephrology
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