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Thrombosis, Kidney disease, and Cancer

The Cancer & the Kidney International Network (C-KIN) was created last year as the only international multidisciplinary forum for sharing knowledge and research with all healthcare professionals interested in cancer and the kidney related issues, with the ultimate goal to improve patient care.

The C-KIN’s Thrombosis, Kidney disease, and Cancer Working Group (TKC) will focus on the development of Clinical practice guidelines providing guidance for treatment of Thrombosis in cancer patients with renal insufficiency.

Venous thromboembolism (VTE) is highly frequent in cancer patients, with up to 20% of patients presenting with such events. In addition, cancer patients experiencing VTE are at a higher risk of death as compared to VTE patients without cancer. Renal insufficiency also is a known risk factor for VTE and is cancer comorbidity in as high as 25% of cancer patients. As a result, the cancer patients with CKD must be considered as a high-risk patient for VTE.

The working group will work on the development of practice guidelines in relation with that issue.

Members of the TKC:

  • Chair: Vincent Launay-Vacher – Paris, France – Clinical Pharmacology
  • Florian Scotté – Paris, France – Oncology
  • Phil McFarlane – Toronto, Canada – Nephrology
  • Neil Ashman – Whitechapel, United Kingdom – Nephrology
  • Hanno Riess – Berlin, Germany – Oncology
  • Ismail Elalamy – Paris, France – Hemostasis
  • Christine Ribic – Ontario, Canada – Nephrology
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For more information about the TKC, please contact Marie Mahieux at



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